How To Take The Best Photos With Your Phone

In the beginning, there was a standard camera that when looking back at it now, was an expensive and inconvenient piece of equipment. If you wanted to take a photo anywhere, you’d have to act like a professional Photographer and carry the camera around. Some even included additional equipment such as lenses, stands and additional film to make sure you don’t run out. That was most probably the worst part of all. The fact that you could potentially run out of the film and even not have enough to back it up with. Another major inconvenience used to be the cost of film and extras, as well as the development of these images. Although you could connect the camera to your desktop, or laptop, in order to add them to whichever device, that too served as an inconvenience as it took quite a bit of time.

Nowadays, people are looking for more methods every day, in order to save time. Since the design and development of the smartphone, individuals have been able to take a photo, edit and send it in the matter of as little as a minute. Now isn’t that convenient?

Steps to taking the best photos with your smartphone

  1. Use your gridlines to balance out your shot

One of the main and easiest ways to up your game in taking mobile photos is to switch on the camera’s gridlines. A photographic composition referred to as the “rule of thirds” are a series of lines that appear on the screen of your smartphone in order to break an image down into thirds. It breaks it down both vertically and horizontally, thus breaking it down into nine parts in total.

  1. Your focus should be on one subject only

Make sure you choose only one interesting subject to shoot. When taking the photo, spend a little bit more time adjusting your settings in order to get that perfect shot. Be sure to focus on the main subject of the photo.

  1. Embrace negative spaces

A “negative space” refers to certain areas between and around the subjects of images in taking photos. There is a trick in including big empty spaces in your images. It allows your main subject to capture the most attention and thus, increase the reaction from the given viewer.

  1. Finding different perspectives

By taking a photo from a rather unexpected angle can make it stand out even more and while doing so, make the image seem more memorable. It will assist in creating an illusion of which height and depth will help affect your subjects.

  1. Playing with reflections

Ever taken an image with the reflection of water, mirror, or anything that creates just that added touch of magic? The naked eye is drawn to reflections. So, if you’re bored with capturing the regular standard image, play with a few reflections and wait and see just how your viewers respond.