What is Photography?

Ever taken a picture and wondered what is the meaning of this? What is photography and what role does it play in our everyday lives? If it is so easy to take an image, then why is it listed as a study of expertise or above all, one of the most known and exciting career paths with regards to creativity. Can take a photo even be considered as being creative, and if yes then why?

Photography can be best described as the practice of creating durable imagery in conjunction with recording light or electromagnetic radiation. This is either achieved electronically by the use of a sensor image or a chemical manner in which light-sensitive material like the photographic film is used. Some also describe photography to be an art of practice when taking or processing photographs.

Finding the creative window in photography

If creativity is linked with purpose, then processing images in photographic applications, such as Photoshop or Lightroom is the ultimate muse of the camera itself. Whether its taking photos of beautiful destinations, or capturing a moment between a bunch of friends, or even wedding photography, it creates a new kind of magic. Each is even more unique than the previous and have something entirely new to offer.

Photography also serves as an established platform that helps one discover beauty. Suddenly taking an image allows for beauty in everything, and you’re the artist behind the lens…

It can also serve on a more serious note and transfer an inspirational and informative idea from the capturing moment to the individual appreciating the imagery.

An informative guide to both positivity and negativity

Over the years, photographers have found different uses of photography. They’ve learned that it can be used as the perfect information and communication tool. It could even be one that can be spread amongst thousands, if not millions of people globally and at that, in an instant. War photography, for instance, has left an increasingly big impact on the world. It has also allowed for a platform of change, which is the more positive side of war and something like political photography. Everywhere around the world, people now have a voice which is encompassed in as little as a 2-second image. For those photographers that do spend their time basking in a revolution to change the world, especially in places of where there lies poverty and violence, they have mastered the act of bravery as they often put their lives in jeopardy when doing so.

Photography for making a living and a life

Though many see the career of becoming a photographer as a waste and a failed opportunity of a career, this is not the case. Since applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, and most importantly the use of filters, there have been major negativity streams towards photography. Fear not, though these tools might enhance photographs, there is nothing like a professional’s touch to provide you with a beautifully perfect image. Invest in a photographer. Their creations are magical, to say the least.